The car you start with.
Car Name Requirements
Rocket Default
Untuneable versions of cars you are
given for online playing at start.
Car Name Requirements For Tuneable Version
Boomer Level 10 13,650cr
Gremlin 4,830cr
Hammerhead Level 15 13,780cr
Harvester Strange Default
KillerBee 4,030cr
Lawn Mower Career - Regional Juniors - Eat Dirt
Motorhome Career - Challengers - Motorhome Madness
Rammer 6,940cr
School Bus Career - Challengers - Destroy All Supervans
Sofa Car Career - Regional Juniors - Couch Craze
Starbeast Level 19 15,000cr
Supervan Career - National Amateurs - The Great Escape
Level Required
Reach a certain level before these become available
for purchase with in-game credits.
Car Name Requirements
El Matador Level 6 9,780cr
Firefly Level 3 4,320cr
Nexus RX Level 17 10,550cr
Panther RS Level 25 20,420cr
Roadcutter Level 27 20,250cr
Roadslayer Level 23 16,100cr
Speeddemon Level 32 25,190cr
Sunrise Super Level 29 21,020cr
In-game Credit Purchase
Use in-game credits to buy these cars.
Car Name Requirements
Bulldog 25,090cr
Dominator 12,350cr
Gatecrasher 19,990cr
Hotshot 14,450cr
MudDigger 6,890cr
Speedbird 25,350cr
Tristar 6,040cr
Warwagon 15,640cr
Play through the career modes to
win these in certain competitions.
Car Name Requirements
Big Rig Pro Internationals - The Convoy
Boomer RS Pro Internationals - The Underdog
Double Decker Pro Internationals - Double Trouble
KillerBee S Challengers - Attack of the Killer Bee
Limo National Amateurs - Limousine Demolition
Rammer RS National Amateurs - Ramming it Down
Roadslayer GT World Masters - Slaying The Road
Venom World Masters - Twisted Chaos
Play the tournaments to earn fame points.
Then you can afford some of these special cars.
Car Name Requirements
Battlebus 50,000 fame
Doom Rig 30,000 fame
Eagle R 100,000 fame
Hammerhead RS 70,000 fame
Hellvester 40,000 fame
Hot Bomb 500,000 fame
Hunter Panther 60,000 fame
Rocket RX 100,000 fame
Speedbird GT 50,000 fame
Starbeast SS 70,000 fame
Super-Venom 60,000 fame
Buy the DLC with real world money
to add these cars to your arsenal.
Car Name Requirements
Bandit V8 Ripper Season Pack 1
Buggy Season Pack 1
Bugzilla Season Pack 1
Bumper Car Season Pack 1
Dragslayer Season Pack 1
Grand Duke Season Pack 1
Hearse Season Pack 1
Honey Pot Season Pack 1
Hornet Season Pack 1
KillerPig Season Pack 1
Little Thrasher Season Pack 1
Outlaw Season Pack 1
Pocket Rocket Season Pack 1
Raiden RS Season Pack 1
Rebel Rat Season Pack 1
Stock Car Season Pack 1
Sweeper Season Pack 1
Vandal Season Pack 1
WarDigger Season Pack 1
Wildking Season Pack 1
Wingman Season Pack 1
Buy the DLC with real world money
to add these cars to your arsenal.
Car Name Requirements
Blade Season Pack 2
Bullet Season Pack 2
Cardinal Season Pack 2
Gorbie Season Pack 2
Raven Season Pack 2
Razor Season Pack 2
Sandstorm Season Pack 2
Speedie Season Pack 2
Stellar Season Pack 2
Stepvan Season Pack 2
Trooper Season Pack 2
Trophy Hunter Season Pack 2
If you don't have it, you can't get it. Invent time travel?
Car Name Requirements
Bandit Exclusive reward for Kickstarter Backers